Once Upon a FairyTale Boxed Set

Cindra, a paranormal Cinderella tale is featured exclusively in the Once Upon A Rebel Fairytale Boxed Set. 

Enemies at birth. Soulmates at first touch.

Cindra is running hot, a trait that renders a Nepherian female untouchable and ineligible for a mate pairing.

Celso, revered ice warrior and protector of the Kelvinian people, needs to take a mate before he can ascend to the throne. Problem is...no female within the realm can withstand his chilling touch.

When Cindra is captured by an ice brute with a soothing touch and scorching kisses, she’s tempted. After a lifetime of longing for physical contact, how will two enemies who’ve found solace in each other’s arms protect their love without igniting a war between their worlds?

A unique collection of stories that span paranormal romance, Urban Fantasy, Gothic Romance and Contemporary Fairytales. Dragons, Vampires, Shifters and Fae will captivate you and keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning.

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