Catching Rebecca

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Trapped by family obligations, Rebecca Lynn Holbrook, the sole heir to Holbrook Industries is not the spoiled rich girl everyone thinks she is. According to her father, she’s a company asset to be sold and traded. If her marriage into a wealthy family isn’t secure within the next seven days, the empire’s financial future isn’t the only thing in danger. There’s just one hitch in the plan, sexy ex-Navy officer Darwin Masters. 

Relegated to shadows of the elite class he was born into, Darwin Masters, is not the man he used to be. He has no use for the constraints of society nor family expectations. When a tragic accident leads him back to Shell Cove and into Rebecca Lynn’s arms, he finds healing and comfort. When she blindsides him with her impending nuptials, Darwin takes steps to start his new life. 

But nothing is as it appears. When an impulsive decisions lands Rebecca Lynn in Darwin’s arms again, how will they outwit the danger fast approaching on their location? 

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