Chocolate Sundae

I’m marrying her to save her life… if she doesn’t kill me first.

Zaid Voss

This crazy woman fights worse than a biker and curses more than a sailor. She’s straight-up wifey material. She’d better be if she wants to stay alive. Just like her name, Sundae’s sweet on the eyes. I look forward to our wedding night, where I’ll lick the hellion from her head to her toes.

Sundae Reign

Talk about the wrong time, wrong place. I witnessed a mafia hit, and now Zaid’s demanding I be his wife…for protection. I don’t care what I stumbled into, I’m not marrying that cocky a-hole. Huh, I can take care of myself, and I’ll bury him before he gets one taste of my chocolate sundae.

***CHOCOLATE SUNDAE is a twisted dark romance set in the Protectors of The Governor Hotel mafia empire story world.***

Book 1 – Lunchtime Chronicles: Salt Shaker
Book 2 – Lunchtime Chronicles: Italian Ice
Book 3 – Savage Bloodline: Corso DeLuca (DeLuca mafia family – Lunchtime Chronicles crossover novella)
Book 4 – Lunchtime Chronicles: Peaches and Cream

Book 5 – Hot Cakes
Book 6 – Chocolate Sundae

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