Italian Ice

Silvio Santino
I swore I’d never touch her. My best friend asked me to help his little sister, but Paisley is too innocent to enter my establishment, less known live under my roof. As a mafia soldier, I’m more dangerous than the men after her. She’s never witnessed how savage I am, but she will if anyone tries to take her. She’s mine to protect, but the only way to keep her safe from me is to remain distant and cold—ice cold.

Paisley Phire
It’s always been Silvio face I picture when I close my eyes. He’s the secret lover in every note, the music beneath the lyrics. I thought I’d found a substitute for the man who never noticed me as a girl and chilled me to the bone as a woman. Now, I need his help and he thinks he can freeze me out? It’s been years since we had a sleepover. This time when I get him alone, I’ll make sure it’s impossible for him to ignore the fire blazing between us.

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