She’s the law. I’m an outlaw. Now that Jessie has entered my world, I am the only justice she’ll get.


I came prepared to take on the mafia’s devil—Corso DeLuca.

He took the only person who mattered to me.

I stormed into his kingdom ready for battle, but he was waiting…for me.

FBI Agent Jessie NuCalla barged into my establishment demanding I surrender. What this fierce female failed to realize is The Governor Hotel is my sovereign territory. Within these walls, I am the justice system.

One of us has fallen into a trap, but I’m not sure if either of us wants to escape. Who who will escape what’s happening between us?

Book 1 – Salt Shaker
Book 2 – Italian Ice
Book 3 – Corso DeLuca
Book 4 – Peaches and Cream

LUNA is a featured story in the MIDNIGHT MAGIC anthology. 

Luna is a Thornian princess, an earth elemental huntress, and future queen to her people. Her duty is to protect the fertile lands from all enemies, even the male with invades her dreams. 
As an ice warrior of the Kelvinian people, Prince Kole has a bounty on his head. He’ll kill in service to the crown, unless the assassin is his future mate. With the elemental nations locked in battle, will his female sever his head or claim his heart?

Midnight Magic is a collection of sexy magical paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales. Pre-order today →